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Dr. Chaddrick Owes has been in the education and education technology sectors for nearly 20 years advocating for the improvement and advancements of students. As an Atlanta native, Dr. Owes began his educational career tutoring students in Math and Language Arts after-school in DeKalb County School District, (the district that he matriculated through and graduated high school.) As an elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, and administrator; he had the pleasure of working in both charter schools and traditional public schools. At the school-level, he was the Assistant Principal over Curriculum & Instruction for an elementary and K-8th grade school. As a district-level Director, he oversaw Student Services and Technology Services. After relocating to California, he served in several administrator roles while pursuing his doctorate. At the state level, he oversaw State Board authorized charter schools for the California State Board of Education. He later transitioned in the role of Education Administrator heading the Instruction, Measurement, & Planning Branch at the California Department of Education. In the education technology space, Dr. Owes served as the Director of Education and Customer Success for several EdTech companies that offers supplemental academic, intervention, and instructional software products to schools and districts across the country. In his leisure time, Dr. Owes enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking the Atlanta BeltLine, and playing golf when time permits. Dr. Owes has a Doctorate in Education Leadership & Innovation from University of the Pacific. A Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University. And, Bachelors degrees in Social Science and Business Information Systems from Ashford University.