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The Annual Innovation Fund is The Main Street Academy's (TMSA) premier fundraiser and the most important annual giving opportunity at our school. As a Fulton County Schools district public charter school, TMSA does not charge tuition and does not receive public funding through SPLOST that traditional public schools receive for capital improvement projects and ongoing facility maintenance. Thus, TMSA strongly relies on the generous support from our donors and community partners to help provide our students and teachers with exceptional educational and instructional experiences. All gifts, both large and small, help provide TMSA scholars with an exceptional learning experience and are greatly appreciated. All supporters of the TMSA community are encouraged to participate and make a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Innovation Fund between July 1 - June 30 each school year. The goal for the 2022 -2023 Annual Innovation Goal is $100,000 and 100% parent participation. 
View this video to see how your contribution to the Annual Innovation Fund will support The Main Street Academy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Every dollar contributed to the Annual Innovation Fund is used for school facility support, enhanced professional for teachers and staff and educational curricula and programs for TMSA student body. 
We're seeking 100% participation from TMSA families to help achieve the 2022 - 2023 Annual Innovation Fund's goal of $100,000. Every TMSA household is asked to contribute a minimum of $100 annually to the Annual Innovation Fund. However, no contribution is too big or too small. TMSA will also seek corporate contributions to the fund. 
Not only does your participation represent a high level of community commitment to TMSA's mission, it also strengthens our case when seeking support from foundations and corporations. Your gift to the fund, regardless of the financial amount, is essential to ensuring TMSA students receive an exceptional education. 
The Annual Innovation Fund helps bridge the financial gap between public funding and the cost of providing students with a unique education at The Main Street Academy. That's why contributions from every member of the TMSA community, including members of the Governing Board, parents/guardians, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents, and friends, to make a yearly contribution to the Annual Innovation Fund is so important.