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“We believe each student can and will learn.”

The Main Street Academy is a public, taxpayer­-funded, tuition-­free, K-­8 charter school. Located in College Park, TMSA is easily accessible to residents of East Point, Hapeville, College Park, and South Fulton County. TMSA provides its 858 children a unique and rigorous learning opportunity, and offers the choice of a true community school.

At The Main Street Academy, all students will receive a challenging and enriching education from a dedicated and student-focused staff in partnership with highly-involved parents. Students will leave The Main Street Academy with high expectations of themselves as they prepare for further education and become contributing members of their diverse communities.

The Main Street Academy offer parents a school choice where the community at ­large works together to create an environment of academic excellence. Our families’ engagement is demonstrated loudest by the numbers: nearly 400 parents interact and participate through PTO and other parent­ focused events annually; up to 24 parents volunteer at TMSA daily; and more than 12,000 volunteer hours were logged for the 2014-2015 school year.

The Main Street Academy’s founders and supporters worked for many years to create a high-quality alternative to educate our most precious resource – our children. If you share our desire to see our community blossom, The Main Street Academy is the choice for you and your family.