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Student Services for Students with Disabilities

Programs for students with disabilities are provided through the Services for Exceptional Children Department. Programs are offered for students meeting eligibility criteria in the areas of autism, learning disabled, behavior disordered, speech impaired, hearing impaired, visually impaired, physically disabled and intellectually disabled. Students with Disabilities access the Georgia Performance Standards curriculum through use of classroom accommodations, modifications or other supports based on individual learning needs as documented in the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP).

Speech and Language Therapy
TMSA provides speech & language services to qualifying K-8 students. Services may address phonological processing, pragmatic language skills, expressive and receptive language, and articulation, feeding and swallowing, and are provided in a variety of settings.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
These services are offered via a process including:

•    Referral
•    Evaluation
•    Documentation
•    Georgia Consideration Tool

Psychological Evaluations
The following areas can be assessed via a norm-referenced assessment and student background information: cognitive ability, academic achievement, social, emotional, and attention, concentration, hyperactivity, behavior and adaptive behavior.

Related Services
TMSA provides additional services to support classroom instruction and access to curriculum, classroom materials, nursing, and special transportation.