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Core Values

“We believe that students rise to meet high expectations that they understand and care about.”

At the heart of The Main Street Academy are Eight Core Values:

A wise person makes good choices; waits for negative emotions, like anger, fear, or resentment, to pass before taking action; and considers the concerns of others, as well as his or her own.

A just person treats others as he or she would like to be treated; shows self-discipline in the face of his or her desires; and is concerned with the well-being of others.

A courageous person is not reckless but willing to take necessary risks when fear, embarrassment, or the opinion of others might otherwise discourage him or her from doing what is right and proper.

A compassionate person helps those who need help, not just those he or she likes; is forgiving of others who have, through weakness or meanness, behaved badly; and shows care and concern for all.

A hopeful person believes in him or herself; knows that hard work and good intentions can make a difference; and looks to the future with positive expectations and a plan for realizing those expectations.

A respectful person is kind to others, and polite and gracious in social situations; demonstrates not just tolerance for others but true regard for people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds; and honors the achievements and qualities of others.

A responsible person keeps his or her word; takes care of work, projects, or duties assigned to or voluntarily accepted by him or her; and accepts his or her failures or mistakes without excuses or finger pointing and with a willingness to correct his or her behavior.

A person of integrity behaves with consistency and reliability; lives up to his or her principles; takes pride in doing right without being boastful or self­ promotional; and is true to himself or herself in matters of conscience.