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School Uniforms

Approved TMSA School Uniform Vendors


French Toast 

Online Store:
(French Toast does not carry TMSA plaid)
Store Contact: Amy Mardis, [email protected]


Lands' End

Online Store:

Store Contact: Ashlie Wilson, [email protected]


J&R Uniforms

600 W. Lanier Avenue, Suite 109, Fayetteville, GA 30214
Online Store:
Store Contact: Matt Dumas, [email protected]

Prestige Apparel

2841 Greenbriar Parkway SW #X230, Atlanta, GA 30331

Online Store:
Store Contact: Walter Watson, [email protected]

TMSA students and staff are only permitted to purchase embroidered school uniforms and polo shirts with TMSA's official logo from our school's four approved uniform vendors. The school's logo will not be shared with parents/guardians and teachers for personal embroidery. J&R Uniforms and Prestige Apparel (TMSA's two brick-and-mortar/storefront uniform locations) will embroider quality, pre-purchased polo shirts based on uniform guidelines (with the exception of polo shirts purchased from Old Navy) with the TMSA logo for a fee. 

** Please note: The Main Street Academy's refreshed logo may slightly visually differ depending upon the vendor selected to purchase school uniforms as embroidery machines vary.**

TMSA Dress Code & Uniform Policy

All students must come to school wearing the approved uniform. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced beginning the first day of school. Students who violate the policy will face the following disciplinary actions:

  • First Offense – After the first offense, the parent will be contacted to bring their child(ren) a change of clothes and a written warning will be sent home. 
  • Second Offense – After the second offense, the parent will be contacted to bring their child(ren) a change of clothes, a second notice of violation will be sent home and a social worker referral will be made. 
  • Third Offense – After the third offense, the parent will be contacted to bring their child(ren) a change of clothes and community service detention will be issued to the student. 
  • Upon the occurrence of any additional offenses, TMSA may take disciplinary action, including but not limited to further suspension or revoking re-enrollment of the student. 

Parents will receive schedules for their child’s classroom in advance to inform them of P.E. days.

P.E. uniforms are required on P.E. days. Students may also change their shoes, if necessary, before attending P.E. classes. No spirit wear or other t-shirts may be worn in lieu of the official TMSA P.E. uniform.  On all non-P.E. days, students must wear their daily school uniforms.

Backpacks and Book Bag Policy

TMsA students (K - 8) are only permitted to carry clear or mesh backpacks or book bags to school, beginning the 2023 - 2024 school year. Students are permitted to carry a small handbag no larger than 7x5 inches in length and width. Click here for additional details regarding the policy.

SOARing High Monthly Celebrations

SOARing High Monthly Celebrations will occur the last Friday of every month (the date is subject to change due to holidays and school closings) during the academic school year. Students must earn points to attend. Students will earn points based on their behaviors/actions observed that follow TMSA's Code of Conduct and Leader in Me principles. Students invited to participate may wear jeans (no rips) and TMSA-approved spirit shirts the Fridays when SOARing High Monthly Celebrations occur.

Month Theme Points
August 2023 Movie Party 75 Points
September 2023 Ice Cream Social 75 Points
October 2023 October Fest Dance Party 80 Points
November 2023 1-Hour Free Time 50 Points
December 2023 Game Party 50 Points
January 2024 Popsicle Party 100 Points
February 2024 Treat Bags 100 Points 
March 2024 Spring Break Bags 100 Points 
April 2024 1-Hour Free Time 75 Points
May 2024 Schoolwide Celebration -
***Activities are subject to change at the discretion of administration***. 



Field Trip Uniform

All students must wear the full daily TMSA dress code uniform for field trips. If a Field Trip falls on a SOARing High Monthly Celebration, please make sure your student is dressed in the daily uniform, not the SOARing High Monthly Celebration uniform.

Dress Uniform (Middle School)

TMSA middle school students must wear the TSMA plaid tie, when asked to wear the Dress Uniform. Middle school students may be asked to wear the Dress Uniform for events, performances, field trips, or for any other reason at the direction of a TMSA teacher or administration. 

Uniform Standards


Uniforms must be neat and clean. All students should practice good hygiene.

Clothing may not have holes or tears.

All shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Undershirts may be worn (both short-sleeve under short-sleeve polo shirts, and long-sleeve under short-sleeve polo shirts). Undershirts must be solid white, red, gray or navy blue.

Middle school students wearing the oxford button-down shirts must have all shirt buttons fastened – only the collar button may be worn unfastened.

Logo embroidery and logo heat-press are available at approved vendors, J&R Uniforms, Prestige Apparel, French Toast and Lands' End. J&R Uniforms will embroider previously worn shirts purchased from J&R that are in good to excellent condition. Prestige Apparel will embroider previously-worn shirts that are in good to excellent condition and shirts that were purchased from another vendor.

TMSA school plaid is also available to purchase at approved uniform vendors, J&R Uniforms and Prestige Apparel.

All skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches from the knee.

Chino-style uniform pants and shorts may be purchased from any vendor. Pants and shorts may not have any embellishment, including, but not limited to, logos, appliqués, stripes, polka dots, or other embroidered designs. Suggested styles include the following: Cherokee brand at Target, George brand at Wal-Mart, Old Navy and GAP uniform options, Lands’ End, French Toast, etc.

Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist. Pants must be appropriately sized for the student. A belt must be worn at all times with pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts that have belt loops.

Students may not wear cargo pants, capri (or short) pants, leggings (including tight-fitting jean leggings), stirrup pants or wide-leg, baggy pants.

Students may wear modest, single-pierced earrings; hoop earrings may not be larger than a quarter. Students may not show visible body piercings; and no self-made graffiti will be tolerated.

Shoes may be purchased from any vendor. Closed toe black, navy, gray, blue, red or white shoes (solid color or a combination of black, navy, gray, blue, red or white). Closed toe shoe styles: athletic, dress or boots and must be school appropriate (no slides, flip flops, sandals, crocs, slippers or shoe with an open back).

On P.E. days, only the P.E. Uniform may be worn. No spirit wear T-shirts may be worn on P.E. day.

For this information and further guidelines, please download and read the TMSA Dress Code & Uniform Policy.