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Ms. Sara-Ashley Spear

Prior to joining TMSA as a kindergarten paraprofessional, Ms. Spear taught for two years at The Learning Academy of College Park and was an enrollment specialist at Mercer University for seven years. Ms. Spear has two daughters who are TMSA scholars. A native from Atlanta, GA, Ms. Spear enjoys sewing and participating in activities with her daughters. She is currently working on completion of her degree at Mercer University. She is very passionate about teaching and helping our scholars grow. 
Here's an update!
I have now been with TMSA for 4 years. I have spent two years as a kindergarten paraprofessional, and the other two as a first grade paraprofessional. TMSA named me as the Support Professional of the Year for the 2023-2024 school year. I love what I do and absolutely love being able to support all the teachers, administration, parents, and others here at the Main Street Academy. I am currently in a Para-to-Teacher degree program at Gordan State College. I love being a part of TMSA and the TMSA family.