Meet your new Parent Liaison, Jamil Johnson-Pearson!
Jamil is excited to serve as a bridge of communication between students, parents and teachers. She has served TMSA through a number of volunteer activities since joining the TMSA community in 2013.
The goal of the parent liaison is to provide parents with practical information on how to support their kids through their studies and social interactions. Ultimately, we should understand how our hands play a significant role in the success of our children.
As parent liaison, Jamil is a listening ear for your concerns and aims to help find a resolution, if needed.
She can assist with:
  • parent-teacher meetings,
  • participate and provide information on school enrichment activities/fundraisers,
  • providing testing information to parents/guardians,
  • direct our community on resources for crisis situations,
  • help increase volunteerism,
  • set appointments and tours for interested parents and students.
Parent Resource Center is located upstairs in Rm 48.
Office Hours are 7:15 am - 11:15 am, also by appointment.
Uniform Shop & Resources are available during school hours, 7:15 am - 4:00 pm