TMSA's Receives Cognia STEM Certification

May 16, 2024
On May 16, 2024, The Main Street Academy (TMSA) was officially recognized as a Cognia STEM Certified School. Earlier this year, TMSA underwent a comprehensive engagement review that analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of its Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agricultural, and Math (STE(A)M) programs. Noteworthy insights from the review highlight that “TMSA demonstrates a strong culture of learning that focuses on flexible classrooms, problem-solving, creativity, and a powerful School Enrichment Model (SEM). The institution focuses on professional development so that staff members can become better equipped to incorporate STEM/STEAM into their daily learning practices. The school consistently gathers student achievement and formative assessment data related to STEM.”

GoatsIn celebration of the hard work of the TMSA scholars, teachers, and administrators, TMSA also welcomes two Nigerian Dwarf Goats to the campus. These animals will live on the north side of the campus adjacent to our chicken coop. Some students had the chance to meet and pet the goats today, and all students will have the opportunity to extend their learning in the future by exploring the life cycle and interconnected relationships between humans, agricultural sciences, and the live animals on our campus.

Who leads the way? TMSA!


Dr. Chad Owes, Executive Director
The Main Street Acadamy