TMSA 7th Grade End of Year Happenings

The Main Street Academy's 7th Grade students have been busy this semester! Students completed their Project Based Learning by installing a Monarch Butterfly Waystation. This project incorporated standards from each Core curricula; including, Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Students measured the area for our Waystation by applying geometric principles for finding the area of a trapezoid that formed the outline of the garden. Students used their knowledge of ecology to understand the importance of establishing Waystations to help sustain Monarch butterfly populations along migrational routes. Scholars applied critical thinking skills to compare and contrast environmental issues around water use, desertification, and water pollution in Georgia/USA versus issues faced in African/Asian cultures. And, finally, students created an informational PowerPoint to summarize the why and how of establishing our Monarch Butterfly Waystation.  

Our 7th graders also attended field trips to Medieval Times (Social Studies), and Junior Achievement Financial Park (ELA) where they were able to take their classroom knowledge and apply it on an experiential level.