Do Not Forget Your 'Laptops' Over the Thanksgiving Break

Greetings TMSA School Community and Family, 


Please do not forget your ‘Laptops’ over the Thanksgiving break. In this case, I do not mean your Chromebooks. I am referring to the most important people in your lives who provide support, knowledge and love for your wellbeing. Allow me to share a quote by General Colin Powell to explain what is referenced in the term ‘Laptops’. 

"All children need a laptop. Not a computer, but a human laptop. Moms, Dads, Grannies and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles -- someone to hold them, read to them, teach them. Loved ones who will embrace them and pass on the experience, rituals and knowledge of a hundred previous generations. Loved ones who will pass to the next generation their expectations of them, their hopes, and their dreams."
~Colin Powell

During this holiday I am thankful for my TMSA school community and family for showing strength and resilience during these challenging times of the school year. At the beginning the 21/22 school year we knew that we would face obstacles while on the school improvement journey. We asked our entire school community to be agile and flexible as we learned to pivot against the turbulence that came with our challenges along our journey.

Please know that the objectives in our Flight Plan have not changed and the obstacles we faced only made us stronger and more resilient. This elevates my confidence in knowing that our scholars at TMSA will meet their challenges because their school supports; committed school leaders, teachers and staff are there for them at every moment along this journey.   

This Thanksgiving I am grateful in knowing that our scholars have committed families who are willing to pivot with TMSA as we endure the course of this journey. Our Flight Plan requires that our families be the main “Laptop” that our students require in order to be successful. During this Thanksgiving, I encourage our families to share stories with their scholars about obstacles and challenges that they have faced in the past and how they overcame them.  

Please let them know that the challenges we have before us are temporary but family is forever. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday TMSA family!