TMSA Tech Talk with Mrs. Reynolds, Technology Instructor

This quarter (2Q21) in technology, we are working on skills to help our scholars become Creative Communicators and Global Collaborators.

Instructional Resources:

Digital Creation Tools such as Google for Education Suite


  • Students use digital tools to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. 


  • Students use digital tools to communicate clearly, express themselves creatively, and collaborate effectively in teams both locally and globally. 


  • How can I constructively share my ideas, interests and skills with others?
  • How can I use technology and teamwork to help local and global communities?

Because we understand how challenging virtual learning can be for our scholars, we have provided a way for them to learn these skills at their own pace and demonstrated their learning in a confident way. We are using the lessons in the Applied Digital Skills platform. Here, we are able to track students’ progress and monitor their work in real-time. So, it makes for a good virtual setup as great live teaching for when we plan to return to school. Another great thing about this platform is IT’S FREE and if our parents would like to join in with the lessons and learn some new skills, they can. We are making great strides to ensure our scholars are well prepared for the ever-changing world, especially in the aspect of technology. We will continue to create an environment where they can truly empower their own learning.


Talking Techy,

Mrs. Reynolds