TMSA New Technology Teacher, Ms. Boddie, Centers on Digital Citizenship

Greetings TMSA Family and Friends,

I am excited to be taking flight with you all this year as one of our school's new Technology teachers! This year I am looking forward to educating students on the importance of Technology in Education. Due to the constant change in today’s world, I am here to help mold and prepare each student to be a great digital citizen.

This past quarter we have been focusing on how to become a Digital Citizen. A Digital Citizen is someone that knows how to demonstrate and practice safe, responsible, and legal use of technology. In class as we prepare our scholars to excel and master these lessons. We also want them to be aware of what it means to exemplify good traits online.

We have learned about Media Balance, Privacy & Security, Cyberbullying and News & Media Literacy just to list a few. This will shape your scholars into the perfect Digital Citizen they should be. As time progresses we will move into more advanced learning such as coding. I am happy to be here and share this journey with your scholars. Don’t forget that it is always healthy to PAUSE and take a break.

Thank you, as always, for being with us!

Technology Teacher
The Main Street Academy