TMSA Places First and Third at 2021 Econ Games

2021 Econ Games
The Main Street Academy congratulates the following students who respectively won  first and third place at the 2021 Econ Games hosted by the Georgia Council on Economic Education:
First Place Winning 5th Grade Team
S. Anderson
D. McClain
C. Wilson
Third Place Winning 4th Grade Team
M. Scott
C. Morris
Each team member will receive a gift card and medal. Most exciting, the first place 5th grade team will receive a school trophy and banner!


The Econ Games is an invitation-only competitive event for fourth and fifth grade students who  apply their knowledge of economics and personal finance. The event is designed to inspire 4th and 5th grade students to develop a stronger interest in economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance.
TMSA's 4th and 5th grade teams advanced to the second round of the competition where they had two weeks to create an idea for a service that could solve a particular problem. The teams virtually presented their creative service ideas to a panel of judges on May 14, 2021. 
Dr. Tempro, TMSA's coordinator for the Econ Games states, "Congratulations for the hard work and virtual preparation each team conducted during their lunch breaks. It was a challenging journey. However, it was rewarding to coach the participating students. This is TMSA's third year competing in the Econ Games and we have consistently won first place. TMSA students are a force to be reckoned with and we are placing our school on the map! Special thanks to Principal Parker for introducing the Econ Games to The Main Street Academy and allowing me the privilege of coaching the team for the past three years."