Updates from TMSA's Art Department

In virtual art class, we have been working hard with younger grades on eye – hand coordination. That means lots of practice and a willingness to make mistakes and edit. We remind them it takes courage to be WILLING to not be good at something—and struggle through making mistakes—in order to gain skills and improve! Also, students are now asked or encouraged to post it on the  “Art Blog” for their class. We hope you will ask to see your student’s artwork and encourage them to explore the possibilities and push themselves to improve the skill of perseverance!  

In February we used every week to explore a new African American artist. We watched videos of Romare Bearden, Alma Thomas, Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence, Ashley Bryan, and contemporary artists Kehinde Wiley and Mark Bradford. In elementary grades we made art inspired by Thomas, Ringgold and Bryan.  

Colin Johnson, Quilt          Mikhayla Buchanan, inspired by Alma Thomas
C. Johnson, Quilt                                         M. Buchanan, inspired by Alma Thomas              


Kayden Pollard, Inspired by Alma Thomas
K. Pollard, Inspired by Alma Thomas


Rilei Fuller, inspired by Alma Thomas
R. Fuller, inspired by Alma Thomas


The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students watched the movie: Black Artist - In the Absence of Light, a special documentary on HBO about a groundbreaking exhibit of 200 years of art by black artists in America. We watched it via YouTube.

Currently, upper 8th grade students are  focusing on using the Elements of Art and Principals of Design through drawing. We integrated math in the first project which was about radial symmetry (as seen in the images below).

Aminata Drame            Shaniyah Anderson
A. Drame, TMSA Artist                     S. Anderson, TMSA Artist


Genesis Pruitt      Amalie Carty
G. Pruitt, TMSA Artist                          A. Carty, TMSA Artist 


Hadara Murphy     Jeremiah Woods     
H. Murphy, TMSA Artist                 J. Woods, TMSA Artist