It's March Madness with iReady

Congratulations to TMSA scholars in grades K - 8 who placed gold, silver and bronze in the March 2021 iReady "Yes, I Can!" Contest! 
Gold placed winners may select one prize via the prize chart. Students must submit their prize request to their homeroom teachers. Silver placed winners will receive a gift card and bronze placed winners will receive a certificate of participation. 


Gold Winners

  Reading Math
Kinder E. Lott B. Belt
1st Grade L. Richardson L. Richardson
2nd Grade E. Lott C. Jelks
3rd Grade L. Gray L. Berry
4th Grade Z. Campbell E. Richardson 
5th Grade C. Bennett K. Lewis
6th Grade M. Guy M. Guy
7th Grade O. Abdul Salaam  O. Abdul Salaam
8th Grade J. Norwood A. Dowdell

Silver Winners

  Reading Math
Kinder O. Aduka H. Campbell
1st Grade O. Drame A. Cherif
2nd Grade M. Stanley Henry T. Grimes
3rd Grade L. Gerber A. Farley
4th Grade B. Bridges M. Scott
5th Grade S. Robbins Y. Garcia
6th Grade C. Trinnou Z. Yusaf
7th Grade C. Coverson A. Walker
8th Grade M. Cuyler J. Mahammad

Bronze Winners

  Reading Math
Kinder C. Norwood M. Pritz
1st Grade I. Oche K. Merrill
2nd Grade R. Brown K. Merrill
3rd Grade K. Chives K. Lewis
4th Grade A. Ali A. Durham
5th Grade A. Arvin A. Butts
6th Grade D. Ringo E. Gerber
7th Grade G. Carmon-Griffith A. Welmaker
8th Grade M. Garcia  -