3rd Grade Science Enrichment Project: Changes to Rocks and Soils with Mrs. Delaney's Class

Standard 3E1CMaking observations of the local environment to construct an explanation of how water and /or wind have made changes to soil and/or rock over time.

Mrs. Delaney’s third grade students used various food items, including candy, to demonstrate their knowledge of the effects of wind and water on rocks and soils. The activity included items such as Starbursts candy to represent the rocks, Skittles candy to demonstrate what happens when there is erosion and deposition, ice to represent the effects of hail, water to represent rain 🌧, and a blender to represent the effects of the wind. Scholars thoroughly enjoyed learning about the process of weathering by making “weathering smoothies”. #Yummy


Delaney 1        Delaney 2


 Delaney 4        Delaney 3