The Great Kindness Challenge at TMSA

The Great Kindness Challenge


The Great Kindness Challenge at TMSA!


The Great Kindness Challenge is a proactive and positive bully prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement. The Great Kindness Challenge is one week, January 25 - 29, 2021, devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible and creating a culture of kindness and compassion on campuses worldwide. Our school is proudly participating in this wonderful kindness initiative!

Students will be challenged to participate in kindness activities all week long with their classes.

We are also happy to invite YOU to participate using the Family Edition checklist. Your family can complete the checklist anytime and anywhere. Together, let’s show the world that…



We are asking you to find different ways to demonstrate kindness throughout the week. A few suggestions are below. The goal is to try kindness and discuss those acts of kindness over your meals, in the car, or when you have conversations with your scholar.

Monday:       Show kindness to a family member—call a relative, help with the groceries, open the door, say thank you, read to a younger family member, etc.

Tuesday:      Demonstrate kindness in school—say thank you or be extra nice to your teacher, cafeteria worker, car line assistants, and other students

Wednesday: Practice kindness in your community—clean up your neighbor’s yard, help a neighbor with a task, play with a new neighbor in your neighborhood

Thursday:    Display kindness to people in your extracurricular activities, i.e.. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, tutoring circles, friend groups, etc.

Friday:          Show kindness in your religious community—participate in a feed the homeless activity, prepare food for the homeless, give to outreach activities, etc.


We hope you will encourage your scholar to accept the challenge and show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS! For more information on The Great Kindness Challenge, please visit:  Thank you in advance for helping to create a culture of kindness and compassion in our community and beyond!


Watch this 2-minute video to get inspired and see what it’s all about!