Leader in Me Interactive Game for All TMSA Families

Leader in Me

Family Interactive Game: How Well Do You Know Me?

Covid-19 has brought about many challenges. Our work, school and personal lives have been altered greatly. One thing for sure is that we are spending a lot of time as a family unit. Since remote learning is back in session this can add even more pressure, but it can also be an opportunity to bring families closer. To be able to get through quarantine, remote learning, and working from without losing your mind a family needs, strong connections, rules to follow and routines to organize daily life. Quarantine is a great opportunity to value family relationships and work towards improving your bond. The Main Street Academy's Leader in Me Lighthouse Committee would like for you to try a bonding activity with your family called “How Well Do You Know Me?”. This activity should be done without the distractions of technology, television, or cell phones. Answer questions about each other and share out the results. Most importantly, share some laughs. The resources are attached.