TMSA Third Grade Reading Fun and Math Engagement

Family Fun in Mrs. Williams' 3rd Grade Reading Class

Last week, 3rd grade students were asked to invite a partner to Mrs. Williams' reading class for a lesson on Character Traits (ELAGSE3RL3). Parents, siblings, aunties and uncles, day care teachers, grandparents, and even a great-grandmother joined the scholars for a fun-filled lesson! Students and their partners watched a short video, and after a quick mini lesson, they were tasked with drawing a picture of each other, and listing their internal and external character traits.  Volunteers had an opportunity to share their drawings, as well as what they had written about each other. The invited family members were happy to hear how their scholars described them, and our TMSA scholars were even more excited to hear what their family members had to say about them. This was a great opportunity to involve our TMSA community in our virtual classroom, and we would like to thank all the parents, siblings, and other family and community members who participated. Thank you for leading the way at TMSA! #YouRock 
Williams Reading Fun 1    Williams Reading Fun 2    Williams Reading Fun 3

3rd Grade Math Engagement with Mrs. McKinney

TMSA third grade math students have been learning how to really use technology in OTUS.  Some features we have mastered is using the drawing tools, recording our ideas, blogging ideas and thoughts, and taking a poll survey.  We have also incorporated hands-on games, such as BINGO.  Here are a couple of pictures showcasing the students' accomplishments during Universal Remote Learning. 
McKinney Math 1
McKinney Math 2