What's New in Second Grade at TMSA?

What’s New in Second Grade at TMSA?

Math: For Math we are working on finishing up Unit 1. We just wrapped up understanding Numbers to 1,000. We learned all about Place Value, Understanding the hundreds, tens, and one place, and how to Compare Numbers. Now we are working on Graphs and Data. The second graders at TMSA have been learning how to create Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs. As a class, the students were able to collect Data on OTUS about things such as their Favorite Color or Favorite Season. They then used the data from their class to organize the information into either a Picture Graph or Bar Graph. They will continue working on Graphs and Data. Students will have their Unit 1 Math Test on October 7th.

Science: Students began their school year leaning about Tools of Inquiry. They talked about what it meant to be a scientist. Our Scientific Second Graders learned how to Ask and Answer Questions, Make Observations, Make Predictions, and how to Plan and Investigate. Students are now applying all of these skills to obtain, evaluate and communicate information about stars and their brightness.

Reading: Our second-grade super stars are learning about how to Retell Stories. They are retelling various important details from the text to help understand the story. Students have been learning how to retell the stories using the “Retelling Hand” method. The Retelling hand helps students use each finger to Retell the Setting, Characters, Problem, Events and Solution.

Social Studies and Writing: For Social Studies and Writing the second grade has been integrating these subjects through Narrative Essays. In their Narrative Essays the students create rules and laws to share their ideas.


Important Upcoming Dates:

Math Unit 1 Test: October 7, 2020