TMSA First Grade Class Releases Four Beautiful Butterflies

On Thursday, February 13, 2020 Ms. Hunt and Mr. Aiken’s studious first grade class excitedly released four beautiful butterflies. The students recently concluded their class experiment on metamorphosis- the caterpillar life cycle: egg, larva/caterpillar, pupa/chrysalis, and butterfly.

Mr. Hunt's Class

The students explained that for the first week of the life cycle, they feed the caterpillars nectar (from grapes they squeezed) to ensure the successful pupa/chrysalis phase.

Mr. Aiken stated, “The metamorphosis of caterpillars is an exciting educational experiment to introduce my first graders to second grade curriculum.”

Prior to Release

We wish Flitter, Flutter, Bubbles, and Gigi (the names of the four butterflies selected by the class) a blissful life as they fly independently.

Student with released butterfly.