TMSA Parents & Guardians Help Your Student Spell the Word ATTENDANCE

The Main Street Academy (TMSA) is a proud Leader In Me® (LiM) school! LiM embodies a holistic approach to education and how schools measure success. The holistic approach consists of leadership, culture and academics. Every student is taught leadership in a culture of student empowerment that’s aligned to systems that drive positive results in academics.

WIG Strategy

The LiM culture TMSA was established by creating, posting and tracking individual classroom and schoolwide Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). Improving attendance is one of TMSA’s schoolwide WIGs. The goal of this particular WIG is to achieve 100% schoolwide attendance at least 10 days of each month during the academic school year. During the month of February 2020 this WIG will be tracked and measured in each TMSA classroom (K – 8) daily. Each day, during the month of February, each individual class that achieves 100% student attendance, the teacher will add a letter to the monthly calendar until the word A-T-T-E-N-D-A-N-C-E is spelled in its entirety.

Wildly Important Goal


TMSA parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to ensure their student(s) attends school every day, as well as ask about class progress toward their monthly attendance goal.

 Students and teachers are currently partnering together to determine incentives for classes that reach their monthly and quarterly attendance goals.