Important Reminder: TMSA's Uniform Policy

TMSA Parents and Guardians,
Unfortunately, we're witnessing an increase in students who are not adhering to our school's Dress Code and Uniform Policy as it pertains to outerwear and physical education (PE) attire. 
While inside of the school, students are permitted to wear navy or red outer wear (a sweater or light jacket). TMSA extracurricular athletic outerwear is not within uniform policy and is not within uniform policy. Students will be asked to remove jackets, coats, sweatshirts, and other forms of outer wear that are not aligned with TMSA’s uniform policy. However, students will be permitted to wear outer wear during recess. 
Now until January 31, 2020 you may purchase TMSA spirit wear sweatshirts (outerwear)  supporting our Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM). This sweatshirt  (pictured) is approved outerwear for students to wear to school. The sweatshirts are available for purchase online via The sweatshirts will arrive approximately two weeks after purchase. 
$25 All Sizes Youth Small - Adult XL
$30 Adult 2XL - 4XL
On scheduled PE days, students are only permitted to wear their PE uniforms. Spirit wear t-shirts (ex. field day) are not permitted to be worn on PE days. 
In partnership,
The TMSA Administration