Upcoming Webinars: Resources for Students with ADHD

Resources for Students with ADHD

Additudemag.com is a great resource for individuals with ADHD and their support system. They have the following webinars coming up. Feel free to subscribe to the website and/or attend one of the webinars.

Jan. 22: Social Skills Strategies for Children with ADHD or Autism (or Both)
Jan. 28: Screen Use & Abuse: A Healthier Video Game Diet for Your Child with ADHD
Fe. 5: Moms with ADHD, Unite! How to Shape a Peaceful, Organized Life
Feb. 12: How Exercise Optimizes the ADHD Brain
Feb. 19: Hacking the Science of Your ADHD Brain: 5 Secrets to Productivity
Feb. 26: Marijuana and the ADHD Brain