Reading Rally: New Daily Reading Program Begins for Middle School Students

Hello TMSA Middle School Students, Parents and Guardians,
Students are you taking the time to relax and read?
Over the span of 4 months, The Main Street Academy (TMSA) is  pushing a reading rally for all  middle school students! The idea is to encourage students to relax and read topics of their choosing and to explore different types of literature. Studies show reading increases mental stimulation, reduce stress,  expand knowledge, improve critical thinking, enhance focus and concentration, help improve writing skills. All of these benefits are useful and important for our middle school students as they grow and progress through their lives.
This reading rally is based on individual participation, not as a class; this means that at the end of each month students who turn in a reading log have an opportunity to receive special incentives for their commitments to reading.  November has ended, therefore it's time for new reading logs for the month of December!
Blank, printed reading logs are available in the slot beside the door of the Parent Resource Center and an digital log for students to complete is attached to this notice.

Students may turn in their reading logs to the Parent Resource Center ( there's a slot affixed to the wall beside the door), or or they may email their completed logs to
The due date for December 2019 reading logs is be Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
Please note that this reading program for TMSA middle school students in different than TMSA's Monthly Reading Program (K - 5) that's coordinated by Dr. Moore. 
Thank you for helping to encourage our middle school students to read more!
Jamil Johnson-Pearson
Parent Liaison
The Main Street Academy