The Principal's Pen

Greetings TMSA Parents and Guardians,

As the fall season is upon and temperatures are cooler, TMSA teachers and staff are witnessing an increase in students wearing outer wear that is not within the school’s uniform policy. Inside of the school, students are permitted to wear navy or red outer wear (a sweater or light jacket). Students will be asked to remove jackets, coats, sweatshirts, and other forms of outer wear that are not aligned with TMSA’s uniform policy. However, students will be permitted to wear outer wear during recess.

Next, homework is very important to the success of TMSA scholars. The purpose of homework is multifaceted: practice standards taught during class, aid in mastering skills, build stamina, provide parents insight into the student's school day, prepare for upcoming standards, etc. Although homework may not be assigned for a letter grade, it is required. Students should complete homework assignments daily and arrive to school the following day with clarifying questions if the homework was too difficult. 

Lastly, several TMSA students participate in fun and enriching school sanctioned extracurricular activities that we are excited to offer. However, academics always takes priority over extracurricular activities. Students who do not complete class assignments, exhibit less than desirable behavior, or have grades less than passing will not be able to participate in TMSA's extracurricular activities until the aforementioned is corrected. 


Be Well,

Cheryl Parker
The Main Street Academy