Mrs. Delaney and Her Rainbow of Scientists

Mrs. Courtney Thomas-Delaney has been an educator for 18 years. This is Mrs. Delaney’s 4th year teaching middle school science at The Main Street Academy (TMSA). Each year Mrs. Delaney’s class of scientists are eager to learn about The Scientific Method and Lab Safety by mining primary colors (yellow, blue and red) to make a rainbow consisting of seven colors. The scientists master the experiment by following all of the laboratory safety rules, as well as gathering and collecting data to make conclusions aligned with scientific method steps.

Mrs. Delaney stated, “Each year I question if I should continue the rainbow experiment because I think the students will get bored with it but they don’t. Each year my students are very eager to conduct the experiment. This year my class of scientists were curious, excited, observant, and very engaged.”

Not only were Mrs. Delaney’s students eager to conduct the safe and fun rainbow experiment but their parents were equally appreciative particularly as it pertained to safety.

“Mrs. Delaney, I want to say thank you for teaching safety in your science class. With the recent incident at a local high school, it is important for the students to know that the experiments are for learning purposes and how important it is to take that extra step in practicing safety and knowing what the symbols and pictures mean. Even if you are just watching others, SAFETY!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!” – TMSA Parent

The rainbow experiment, that was conducted on August 22, 2019, pertain to Standards S6CS1 and S6CS2 which center on students’ curiosity, attentiveness and focus. “Focus and attentiveness equate to accuracy and accuracy is key in science”, commented Mrs. Delaney.  

The students’ post experiment conclusions based from their scientific investigations are currently on display on a very colorful bulletin board located across the hall from Mrs. Delaney’s classroom. The bulletin board has drawn a lot of positive attention. Helene Brown, TMSA Instructional Support Coach – Math, positively rated the bulletin board for its quality and creativity.