1st QUIZ of the year!

1st QUIZ of the year!
8/16/2019, 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

Students will have their 1st quiz on TRANSFORMATIONS. They have learned about ROTATION, REFLECTION, and TRANSLATION. We have NOT gone over dilation yet.

Students will also have a NOTEBOOK check so be sure their notebooks are organized. All MATH notebooks should have the following:
1. Full name on front cover in pen or marker (everything inside of the notebook should be written in pencil)
2. The first page should be titled "Author's page"
3. The next new page (not the back of the 1st page) should be titled "Table of Contents" and "Transformations" should be listed there.
4. The next new page should be titled "Transformations" and there should be detailed notes on all 3 transformations that we have learned so far.

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