Transitions In Life Skills

Out of the 12 classes that I have had the opportunity to impress upon, I am proud of the outcome of the remaining four 2nd grade classes that have improved with transitions.

Transitioning from one subject to the next or better yet, stopping to change your mind to focus on something completely different like an activity or a new event to come has been met with some tantrums and negative behaviors until now. The Scholars understand that lining up is a skill as well as doing a 1,2,3 count to transition into and out of a seat. It creates structure and an expectation within the school environment.

The four principal areas of development that transitions affect are emotional, physical, intellectual, and physiological. In the 2nd grade, there is a great need for structure, and being in a Pandemic has re-aligned the importance of transitions in a way that has watered down the expectations to just survival.

Our TMSA scholars have been resilient and willing to learn how transitions work as well as have fun during the process. Since my focus as a Life Skills teacher is to promote self-awareness and better mental health outcomes, it is important to maintain structure at all times even if we are having a group conversation and we all understand the fundamentals of raising our hands and being respectful to hear other people out with shared ideas and responses.

To learn more about how transitions work search these websites for assistance:

Thank You,
April Webb
Life Skills Teacher
The Main Street Academy