Saluting TMSA's September Teachers of the Month

The Main Street Academy salutes our September 2020 Teachers of the Month: Mrs. Smith - McKinney (3rd grade) and Mr. Lotfy (8th grade)!
Mrs. Smith - McKinney is a brilliant mathematics teacher who loves her students dearly and engages them with exceptional educational strategies and skills. Her students' confidence and participation levels are evident during class virtual learning. 
Mr. Mo
Mr. Lotfy makes a positive difference in the lives of his students and parents. He cares about the total welfare of his students, as he oftentimes consults with his students during his own family time. During Universal Remote Learning (virtual) Mr. Lotfy brings textbook learning to life. Recently, Mr. Lotfy took his 8th grade students on a very unique field trip to Etowah Indian Mounds. Click here to read more about the field trip.