Wanda Ellis

Ms. Ellis’ Bio

It is our pleasure to inform you that Ms. Ellis comes to The Main Street Academy as a veteran educator of 24 years, but teaching 23 of those years.  Ms. Ellis received her credentials from The Fort Valley State University, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood education in 1996 and her master’s degree in Middle Grades (concentrating in Reading, ELA, Science and Social Studies.)  

Recently she added the Gifted Endorsement and a Provisional Special Education Endorsement to her certificate.  Ms. Ellis began her teaching career in January of 1999 in Houston County and remained there until July 2001, when she decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia.  She is a native of Walton County, Monroe, Georgia.  She is the middle child of three, but has several members of an extended family, which includes four nieces and three grand nieces.

Because of her infectious smile, loving personality, and unwavering love for educating children, Ms. Ellis is affectionately known as “Mama E, Ms. E, Auntie, or just Ma.

Ms. Ellis is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. since April 28, 1996. Initiated in The Alpha Beta Chapter and is currently an ACTIVE LIFE MEMBER in the Kappa Omega Chapter, here in Atlanta, Georgia.  



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