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Fun Fridays


Fun Fridays, a TMSA fundraiser, occur the last Friday of each month during the academic school year. 


Fun Fridays is a TMSA fundraiser and are optional. Students may wear non-ripped blue jeans and a TMSA shirt (a TMSA uniform shirt or a TMSA T-shirt, which must have “TMSA” on the shirt – this shirt could be from any TMSA event or a TMSA spirit gear t-shirt) on the last Friday of each month for $1. T-shirts may not be altered in any way; blue jeans must be full-length jeans (no jean shorts, skirts or cut-offs). Beginning April 1 and ending Thanksgiving break, students may wear uniform shorts if the weather is warm and shorts are preferred to blue jeans.


Fun Friday payments should be electronically submitted via MySchoolBucks. 


If the student is dressed in jeans and does not have $1, the student will forfeit the right to participate in future Fun Fridays and the parents will be notified to bring a change of clothes to school.


All other applicable uniform and apparel standards apply on Fun Fridays.


All proceeds from Fun Fridays will support school-sponsored events during the school year.

The school reserves the right to adjust the frequency of Fun Fridays at any time during the school year. In such event, parents will be notified in advance.