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Ms. Hemans - 8th Grade Mathematics

Ms. Hemans- 8th Grade Math
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year TMSA Jets! Ms. T. Hemans is the 8th grade Math and Algebra 1 teacher. While working as a paraprofessional in Atlanta Public Schools, Ms. Hemans’s drive for child development evolved into a passion for teaching. Ms. Hemans went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Grades Mathematics from Georgia State University.

After being in a classroom setting for a several years and hearing various perspectives in college courses, her outlook on teaching has continued to evolve. Ms. Hemans’s teaching philosophy embraces many factors such as building relationships, discernment, patience, comprehension, motivation, being socially aware, and curriculum design. She believes, by using these factors, teaching and learning will be effective and efficient. In her classroom, Ms. Hemans incorporates student interests as well as her personal hobbies which include sports and music. By making connections and meeting the children where they are, Ms. Hemans provides well-rounded mathematics instruction.