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Mrs. Delaney- 6th Grade Science

Dear Students and Parents,

My name is Mrs.Thomas- Delaney and I will be your child’s Science teacher. This will be my third year teaching at TMSA Middle School, and I am excited and anticipating a bright and wonderful year once again!

I sent a copy of the syllabus home (with course descriptions, expectations, guidelines, grading, and your child’s 1st grade if completed and signed in a timely matter) so you will be informed of what we discussed for you to keep at home, so that through working as a team, we can ensure that your child finds success in my classroom.

  1. Be Prepared – Please bring to class each day a pencil, textbook, and interactive notebook..
  2. Hand in all assignments when they are due. In the event of an absence, the student will need to personally contact me at a convenient time upon return to school to receive make-up work. Also, located in the back room there is area labeled “the ketchup work” you will find what you need there as well.
  3.  My grading policy requires that all work be completed by the due date in order to receive full credit.  (Of course, if a student has an excused absence, the school’s policy is followed). For assignments that are handed in late, as the syllabus states late work is NOT excepted.  Weekly assignments are given out weekly so students will stay on track.
  4. Throughout the school year, students will also have the opportunity to collect their own data. There will be an assessment data collection form given monthly.
  1. Finally, I welcome and encourage open communication amongst the parent, student and teacher. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns relating to your child or my class. You can email me at courtney.delaney@tmsa.org if this is more convenient.

Again, I want to welcome you to TMSA Middle School, the Sensational 6th grade Team, and to my class.  I am looking forward to working with your child and you throughout the upcoming school year.


Mrs. C. Thomas-Delaney, M.Ed.

6th Grade Science Teacher

6th Grade Team Leader